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Studies show that women view men with a muscular upper
body as being alpha and possesing the sexist type of
body. Researchers have also found that women choose
muscular men for one night stands and men with an
average physique for long-term relationships.

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Why does fitness and
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Why should I take
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What do women report finding sexy about men?

Studies show that women prefer V shaped men with large muscular arms and shoulders.

The V shape is scientifically termed the android body shape which is the classification for men with a muscular upper body and a narrow pelvis. Researchers found that V shaped men had higher levels of testosterone and better overall health. Women are biologically attracted to V shaped men because of their increased vitality and fertility. It was also found that women perceive V shaped men as being the most dominant and alpha in studies that asked women to identify the first reaction they had when viewing a lineup of men.

Did you know there is a scientific link between bodybuilding and one night stands?

A study conducted in 2007 by the University of California at Los Angeles sought to discover the answer to the age old of question of what made women want to have a short term relationship with a man. 286 female study participants were asked to view pictures of shirtless men and identify which ones they would pick for short-term relationships and which ones they would pick for long-term relationships. It was found that women desired muscular men for one night stands and short-term relationships and average looking men for long term monogamous relationships.

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Almost everyone has heard of the 1 - 10 scale of rating attractiveness. Yet most only use that scale to describe how insanely attractive they find a certain women who are completely out of your league. It's a known fact under the laws of attraction and compatibility that 10s generally date 10s and 5s generally date 5s. Imagine that woman who is an impossible 10, who you’ve been dreaming about talking to or making a move to get her in bed. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to walk up to a sexy babe and never for a second question if she might find you fit and attractive? Can you see that woman in your mind, and all the hard work that went into transforming your exercise regime, all coming together for a victorious finish?

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